Friday, July 20, 2012

Scotch Tape!

Scotch tape is most probably the next best thing since slice bread..Okay okay I kid but Scotch tape has really helped in my Nail Art journey.Think I have a weird form of OCD, I love straight lines and that has proved somewhat difficult with brushes but since I started using scotch tape.Problem solved I have clean defined lines.These are just samples of what I've done using Scotch Tape.Bookmark the page there is more to come.

Still trying to figure out how to work this camera so I can get clear images.

And here it is!
Stay true to your dreams

Peace x Love


  1. Hey Abby, I've never actually fixed nails. I had no clue you could paint before you stuck em on, you learn something new everyday, ayy?!

  2. I know right!
    Thanks to all - knowing Google


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