Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Its my roommates niece's first birthday today and she has been going on about this birthday for the past two months..No Kidding.. She decided to celebrate by getting a nail art done with her name on it :) 

and yeah tried doing some form of POP-ART for the first time on my girl Sayedero TheFashionEngineer   would post the pictures soon. This is quite similar to what I did on Sayedero's nails.

P.S I need to learn to clean up before taking pictures.

Stay true to your dreams!

Peace x Love


Guess I'm on a roll with my posts!
Something new...different from the dots yeah? I would also be posting another POP ART nail design in my next post. Whenever Sayedero and I get together we always cook up a storm okay not literally but hey something new always come's up. She is fast becoming my Muse.

She requested for bible verses to be written on her nails

Psalm 121:1 -"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help."

Prov 4: 18 - But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect.

Psalm 91


Oh and yeah  peep her blog TheFashionEngineer for deets on her outfit and fashion- related stuff

Stay true to your dreams!

Peace x Love


Good to be back on here after a while..Exams and all but hey its over now so I have time to blog and whip up some fancy nail art.

A while back I came across Migi Nail Art. 

**Migi Nail Art pens are a NEW and revolutionary nail design tool that allows a quick, easy and affordable way to create artistic nail ritz designs on your nails.  Create a nail jazz style using our patented art tip and over 40 different colors, or combine with our glow in the dark or rhinestone pens!**

I recently ordered it through the help of a friend from the U.S but I have no idea if it is sold here in Nigeria. I got three packs and each pack contains 4 pens ( with a pen on each side which makes it 8 in a pack)

The pen tip is very thin and allows for precise and well detailed designs
On the other side is a regular brush for applying nail polish

I also got glow-in-the-dark nail pens!..

I also got Striping nail polishes from L.A colors

The thin nail polish brush allows for easy striping and other forms of designs.

Really excited about creating amazing designs from these purchases!

** From the Miginailart site

Stay true to your dreams!

Peace x Love