Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm Abisola short form Abby :)
Welcome to My Nail Blog.
I like to express myself in some kind of way recently I've been involved in fashion Styling but I had to give that up for a while due to a recent move (Academic reasons).
And over time (about the past 4months) I found myself stocking up on Nail Polish ,reading several nail blogs and watching youtube videos.
And I have decided to start up my nail blog
Who knows..Maybe A nail Salon in the future?
We'll see how that turns out.
For Now Get your Nail polishes ready Its about to get Interesting!

P.S Bienvenida means welcome in Spanish

*Thank you Google*


  1. Giirrrl, how many bottles of nail polishes do you own? I've been seeing such a wide variety of colours!!

    1. I think about 70!
      I should make a nail polish rack and do a post on it
      Thanks for stopping by :-)


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